“Drug and alcohol addictions erase your physical health and also destroy your mind. It consumes your thoughts to deal with pain in a destructive and life-threatening way, it’s easy to forget who you really are when overwhelmed with addiction. It’s important in recovery to form healthy habits that will help renew both your mind and body.

Depending on who you ask, being mindful can mean many different things. Some individuals use meditation to unwind and soothe their anxious minds. Others discover a certain kind of peace through physical activity and body conditioning. Alternatively, you might benefit from trying something creative like painting, photography, music, cooking, journaling, filmmaking, or other creative activities. Whatever your route to mindfulness, the end goal is to gain clarity and make wise decisions to replace unhealthy ones.

In order to learn more about their experiences with mindfulness, we met up with a few of our friends and experts, such as a therapist, people in recovery, and singer/songwriters.”