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Human resources monitoring and development office ZISPB, Lithuania

ŽISPB is a non-governmental non-profit organisation established in 2010. The main aim of the organisation is to create, adopt and implement various innovative social initiatives in the field of social work and non-formal education, providing services to disadvantaged and socially excluded groups.

Šiauliai, Lithuania

Website: https://zispb.lt/en

E-Mail: biuras@zispb.lt


University rehabilitation institute Republic of Slovenia Soča (URI Soča)

The University Rehabilitation Institute Soča (URI Soča) is the central Slovenian public institution in which we perform comprehensive rehabilitation of adults and children with central and peripheral nervous system disorders, movement of related body structures and functions, and patients with muscular and neuromuscular diseases with chronic pain and with cancer.

Ljubljana, Slovenija

Website: https://www.uri-soca.si/en

 E-Mail: info@uri-soca.si

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Austrian Association of Inclusive Society (AIS), Austria

Austrian Association of Inclusive Society (AIS) is a non-governmental organization based in Vienna, Austria, dedicated to interdisciplinary research that promotes innovation and collaboration in the fields of human rights, social inclusion and development.

Vienna, Austria

Website: https://www.inclusivesociety.at/

E-Mail: info@inclusivesociety.at

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APEC Egitim Danismanlik Ltd., Turkey

APEC guides rapidly developing and changing businesses to achieve the best. Based on the visions and goals of those who request service, needs analyzes are made and efficient solutions that increase efficiency are put forward. Here, our main goal is to make a difference in its sector and move forward with stronger steps.

Ankara, Turkey

Website: https://en.apecdanismanlik.com.tr/

E-mail: info@apecdanismanlik.com.tr

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Metropolitan College, Greece

The Metropolitan College started out in 1982 and is today the largest College for University Studies in Greece. In addition, it is consistently the first choice in private higher education, both for students as well as their parents. In collaboration with prestigious Universities abroad, it offers the widest range of contemporary courses which are in high demand in the job market.

Athens, Greece

Website: https://www.mitropolitiko.edu.gr/en/

E-mail: admissions@mitropolitiko.edu.gr



STANDO LTD is a research and educational organisation based in Cyprus, dedicated to the advancement of research and innovation. We are, at the same time, an approved VET Centre accredited by the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus.

Nicosia, Cyprus

Website: https://www.standoutedu.com/

E-mail: standoutedu@standoltd.com

Sustainable Development Institute, Finland

Institute of Sustainable Development works toward the creation and development of a national innovation infrastructure, the spreading of new knowledge, the stimulation of technological entrepreneurship, the transfer of knowledge and technologies, and the application of innovative products and services.

Tampere, Finland

Website: http://sustainabledevelopment.institute/

E-mail: info@sustainabledevelopment.institute

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Krazante Progymnasium, Lithuania

Krazante Progymnasium is the primary and the secondary lower educational institution located in Kelme, Lithuania, and was founded in 1935. The school belongs to a group of general education schools and runs a basic education program. The aim of the school is to strengthen the professionalism of teachers in order to achieve a culture of learning, dialogue and agreement and the individual progress of the learner.
In order to prevent the use of drugs among minors, a variety of preventive activities are targeted: targeted training of the pedagogical community, education of parents and students about early symptoms, harms of drug use, and other topics.

Lithuania, Šiauliai

Website: https://www.krazante.kelme.lm.lt/ 

E-mail: sekretore@krazantesprogimnazija.lt