Safely Taking, Storing and Disposing of OTC Pain Medication

      YOUTUBE   Content: The safe use of OTC drugs and the importance of raising awareness Fatal consequences of misuse or careless use of OTC drugs The aim of this video Taking OTC drugs Storing OTC Drugs Disposing of OTC drugs Final recommendations        

Handbook’s Seventh Chapter – a sneak peek

Today we are presenting you the 7th chapter of EDU MAP’s reference handbook for substance abuse, dedicated to rehabilitation and addiction treatment options. Is it possible to treat drug addiction? Yes, but it is not easy. People cannot simply stop using drugs because addiction is a chronic disease. Most patients require long-term or repeated care […]

Handbook’s Sixth Chapter – a sneak peek

Chapter VI of EDU MAP’s reference handbook for substance abuse covers medications without a prescription.  Unconscious and unnecessary drug use  has a high impact on public health and treatment costs. Irrational drug use is common, especially in elderly patients, due to the prevalence of polypharmacy (multiple drug use).  Because of the addiction and other side […]

Handbook’s Fifth Chapter – a sneak peek

Time to introduce you to Chapter V of EDU MAP’s reference handbook for substance abuse. It investigates short and long term effects of substance abuse. Substance abuse may provoke multiple repercussions, affecting the physical, mental, and behavioral wellbeing of users. The use of drugs, alcohol, or any other toxic substance for a prolonged period of […]