Using Art Therapy to Treat Addiction – Article from Oxford Treatment Centre

Art Therapy

“Art therapy is a form of experiential therapy, an approach to recovery that addresses emotional and spiritual needs through creative or physical activity. It is not necessary to have a background in the arts or artistic talent to participate; individuals only need to be open to the experience and to engage actively to benefit from […]

How is mindfulness used in treatment and recovery from addiction?

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“Drug and alcohol addictions erase your physical health and also destroy your mind. It consumes your thoughts to deal with pain in a destructive and life-threatening way, it’s easy to forget who you really are when overwhelmed with addiction. It’s important in recovery to form healthy habits that will help renew both your mind and […]

Mindfulness-based interventions

“Mindfulness-based interventions were applied in a wide range of addictions, including substance use disorders (from smoking to alcohol, among others) and BAs (namely, gambling disorder). These treatments were successful in reducing dependence, craving, and other addiction-related symptoms by also improving mood states and emotional dysregulation. The most commonly used MBI approaches were as follows: Mindfulness-Based […]

Kick-off meeting (26/04/2022)

EDU MAP project kick-off meeting was organised as an online TPM on 26th April 2022. Partners discussed the following details and shared their ideas to make a good start for the project implementation and management. 1. Welcome and overall presentation of the project (led by Lithuanian organisation) 2. Website (led by Austrian organisation) 3. Quality […]