9 key points to raise awareness on substance abuse

  The family unit plays an irreplaceable role during an individual’s formative years. As adolescents navigate the challenges of growth, the atmosphere at home can either be a guiding light or a shadow of doubt.   #teaching #rolemodel #edumap #erasmus #erasmusplus #substanceabuse #abusion #prevention      

9 key points to raise awareness on substance abuse

  Adolescents in Europe face an increasing challenge with substance abuse, with MDMA usage alarmingly prevalent. As we address this issue, we must remember that its impact reverberates beyond just the individual, affecting families and communities.   #teaching #rolemodel #edumap #erasmus #erasmusplus #substanceabuse #abusion #prevention  

10 key point of prevent substance abuse: 10. Role Model

To help prevent substance abuse, teachers can provide students with safe resources, invite experts to present age-appropriate information, and serve as positive role models. Emphasizing values such as honesty, integrity, respect, responsibility, and trust can have a lasting impact on students’ attitudes towards substance use. #teaching #rolemodel #edumap #erasmus #erasmusplus #substanceabuse #abusion #prevention

10 key point of prevent substance abuse: 9. Teaching

Educators can prevent substance abuse by engaging in life-skills training, developing e-learning courses on the topic, using interactive and engaging activities, and discussing the impact of substances on health and brain science rather than focusing on morality. These approaches can help students understand the risks and consequences of substance use.   #teaching #rolemodel #edumap #erasmus #erasmusplus #substanceabuse #abusion #prevention

10 key point of prevent substance abuse: 8. Signs of abuse

Teachers can help prevent substance abuse by creating a safe environment for students to express concerns, building trusting relationships, involving parents in the prevention and intervention process, and recognizing signs of substance abuse. Acting discreetly and providing support can be crucial in addressing the issue.   #edumap #erasmus #erasmusplus #substanceabuse #substance #drug #addiction #education #signs  

10 key point of prevent substance abuse: 7. Educators

Educators have a critical role in preventing substance abuse among students. Primary prevention and evidence-based programs can significantly reduce substance abuse rates. The quality of these programs depends on the level of teacher training and individual motivation, highlighting the importance of teachers possessing both topic knowledge and pedagogical expertise.   #edumap #erasmus #erasmusplus #substanceabuse #substance #drug #addiction #education #educators  

10 key point of prevent substance abuse: 6. Strategies

Social phobia is connected to substance abuse and various mental health disorders. Promoting self-esteem and positive self-image is critical in preventing substance abuse and improving mental health outcomes. Strategies such as positive self-talk, practicing self-care, setting achievable goals, and cultivating positive relationships can enhance self-esteem and reduce the risk of substance abuse. Implementing these strategies […]

10 key point of prevent substance abuse: 5. Self-esteem

Low self-esteem is a key factor in substance abuse and mental health issues, particularly during adolescence, a vulnerable period for developing substance use disorders. The quality of peer relationships and the social environment are crucial in shaping self-esteem. Creating a secure school environment and promoting positive parenting practices can help prevent substance abuse and support […]

10 key point of prevent substance abuse: 4. Feedback loop

Drug addiction and substance abuse can have devastating psychological effects on individuals, including anxiety, shame, guilt, depression, and loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities. These effects are often interconnected, creating a negative feedback loop that exacerbates the addiction. Understanding these psychological consequences is crucial for providing appropriate support and treatment to those affected by […]

10 key point of prevent substance abuse: 3. Vicious cycle

Substance abuse and mental health are interconnected, with drug addiction causing changes in the body and brain that can lead to mental illness. Addiction affects the brain’s reward center, altering brain chemistry and encouraging further drug use. As a result, priorities shift and the individual becomes more focused on substance use. This cycle of guilt, […]